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Flyer frames: styles from the 50's

The classic frame shape that has stood the test of time and fashion. Flyer eyeglasses and sunglasses are among the most popular. They offer a clean and slender look. They are suitable with most facial shape. The large circumference of the lenses provides larger vision field. For sunglasses they offer better sun protection covering the eyes and the skin around the eyes. They are available in different materials such as steel, titanium, acetate, TR, etc. Stay stylish with these frames. Now you can choose high quality flyer frames at the best of prices online at

Why offers the best flyer frames online in India?

Style must add a class. That's what flyer frames do for you. They are a classic shape that brings out the personality in you. They are a timeless piece of fashion accessory every stylish men and women needs. And at we have a collection of frames from the affordable to the most premium.