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Varg eyeglasses for men: Ultra thin frames for the achievers

Light weight eyeglasses from Varg are perfect for men who are on the move. Made from superior quality Titanium they provide strength, flexibility and style. These eyeglasses for men are a blend of subdue colour and sophisticated designs. Each piece of the eyeglasses is handcrafted giving them a unique dynamism to suit your personality. Varg frames are designed in such a way to eliminate screws to add comfort to your style. With laser cut precision each eyeglass provides a sleek and clean look. These eyeglasses are suitable for any occasion and activity.

Why buy Varg eyeglasses for men?

  • Subtle colours and design that will never go out of fashion.
  • Varg eyeglasses are design marvel. Design in Europe and handmade precision from Japan.
  • These frames are made from hypoallergenic Beta Titanium materials.
  • Resilient screw less design with laser cut perfection for comfort and style.
  • Lightweight, durable and tensile material.

Why buy Varg eyeglasses for men from

With exclusive rights for distribution of this brand of eyeglasses in India they are available online exclusively at site. All the products come with original product warranty. Hassle free shopping and easy return policy will give you the worth for your money. Buy Varg eyeglasses from starting at Rs. 14, 500/-.