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Small sunglasses frame size for men: Shades for the petite face

Men with small or narrow faces should go for small sunglasses frame size for men. Lens width of 49mm to 55mm is considered small size.

Why buy the perfect fit small sunglasses frame size for men?

As sunglasses tend to have a larger lens sizes the length of the temple and bridge width also matter. You can choose from temple length of 115mm to 135mm. The bridge size can be same as your eyeglasses but you can add 1 or 2 mm leeway according to the shape and design of the sunglasses. Lenses of wraparound sunglasses may extend up to 59mm even for small faces. So while choosing small sunglasses frame size for men, one should not only consider the size of the lenses. You should also keep in mind the brand of the sunglasses, model, shape and design. Now you can select from the range of sunglasses collection online at

Why buy small sunglasses frame size for men online at

Petite face men should buy a perfect fitting sunglasses frame. Otherwise the frame will hang loose on the face and give a shabby look. They will also slide away which make you uncomfortable to wear them. That's why has a correct sizing chart on each product. It will help you choose the right size for your face. The right frame will enhance your look and personality. Buy small sunglasses frame size for men online at and we assure you get the best price for the quality we offer.