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Ultem frames :

Premium grade plastics which are used in both eyeglasses and sunglasses. Ultem frames are products of the latest technology. They are a perfect material for your eyewear if you have an active lifestyle. This material is highly impact resistant, durable and damage resistant. offers a wide collection eyeglasses and sunglasses frame made of Ultem. They come with a natural gloss finish that will illuminate your looks. They are lightweight and heat resistant. They are comfortable for long wear. They are a memory material so they do not break easily. They are durable and highly resilient. If combined with high quality lenses such as trivex, will provide high impact resistant. If you love outdoors, this is the material to choose from.

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Style and comfort goes hand in hand. You cannot compromise either of it. Also you cannot ignore the affordability. That is why brings a carefully chosen range of Ultem frames for you at the best prices. These frames are offered in different styles so you don't run out of options. The prices too are the best online you can ever find. And the quality is 100% up to your expectations. Explore our collection today.